Turnkey solutions for industrial control systems

We deal with the construction of electrical systems starting from the wiring of electrical panels to the on-board machine system of industrial electrical automation lines.

On board electrical panel

For a perfect installation of the industrial line, a perfect electrical system on the machine is required, each of which is particular of its kind.

The on-board machine system indicates all the wiring and systems that connect the devices installed on an industrial machine. Thanks to the experience gained over years of activity in the field of industrial automation, we take care of every detail when it comes to applications on the machine and control panels.

With the electrical system on the machine, we take care of the control panel of a machine that connects all the systems of the various devices. Speaking of the heart of the automation line, the need for an assembly of the switchboard subjected to high standards of functionality, safety and reliability goes without saying both from the point of view of installation of the switchboard and from the point of view of maintenance.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our goals.

Delta Automazioni s.r.l. is the attention to detail, quality services combined with the quality of the components used.
We provide our customers with a wide variety of electronic components and the experience of our qualified work team to solve all the critical issues related to the supply of continuous production systems.

Delta Automazioni s.r.l. is the ideal partner for the industrial automation sector, able to provide complete services ranging from installation to start-up tests and, possibly, after-sales service and plant maintenance.

For any information, contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.

Our services for electrical systems of industrial lines

Delta Automation s.r.l. provides electrical control systems for various industries such as aerospace industry, automotive industry, plastics industry, food industry, just to name a few.

Control panels production

Delta Automation s.r.l. is able to manufacture and install industrial control panels from single panel construction to fully customized integrated systems.

Similarly, we can also take over upgrade work on existing panels where production needs to be increased.

Electrical control systems

An electrical control system is the interconnection of electrical devices. It consists of input and output variables. Hence, they send signals to the system.

For example, these input / output variables include motors, pumps, refrigeration systems, compressors, and production systems.

Electrical panel wiring

We follow international certification standards and work with leading brands.

As a result, we provide quality and reliable products that last over time.

Installation of electrical panels

We install from one to more electrical panels.
We aim to provide well-designed control panels.

Our team of electrical technicians offers peace of mind to our customers.

Our services include:

Internal electrical design and wiring services for electrical panels
Large workshop for the construction of several panels
Design and manufacture of control panels for all sectors
Electrical panel installation services
Control systems programming


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