Industrial safety fences construction

Customized solutions for the realization of your security project.

Industrial security fences are designed to protect production lines and robotic workplaces, as well as to separate individual space in the hall and storage areas.

Our industrial safety fences are recommended to create a safe workplace around production lines, robotic workstations, presses, disposable machines, etc.

Our machinery fencing systems protect people around machinery to make your work environment safe. These systems are designed to help you create the safest and most productive work environment possible.


Reduce the risk of employee injury

Today, safety fences play a vital role in the manufacturing process ensuring that there is no risk of workers coming into harm’s way.

Industrial safety fencing is being adopted by major companies in industries such as industrial automation, systems integration, automobiles, machine manufacturers, steel makers, robot manufacturers and more.

Production processes can be dangerous, but if the right precautions are taken, the plant will be safe to work.

Common industrial applications include

Robotic cells

Machine protection

Operator protection

Internal warehouse enclosure

Palletized fences and assembly lines

Any other application for industrial fencing

Custom Production

In addition to our standard models, we offer a wide range of panels, doors and accessories made according to your design needs. Custom series are available in both standard and custom colors.

We provide a variety of custom machine guards. We also manufacture custom security fences that best suit your facility. For more information, contact our experts.

Our staff carries out the construction and installation of safety fences that will be assembled in our factory equipped with the latest generation machinery with high technical efficiency.

The equpment chosen for your project will be a choice of excellence in compliance with the strict directives on safety.

Construction and installation of:

Accident prevention protections
Soundproof booths
Safety guards for robotic cells
Safety fences for assembly lines
Fences for automatic machines

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At Delta Automazioni, the safety of your workplace is our goal. We offer a wide selection of safety fences to protect your employees and your workplace. All of our products are manufactured and inspected according to international regulations and requirements, so you can focus on your business without worry.

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Machinery used

Automatic horizontal miter saw

Automatic horizontal miter saw for polycarbonates

Numerically controlled machine with a single placement to ensure the flatness and orthogonality of all measurements.
Automatic horizontal miter saw

Semi-automatic single-head cutting-off machine

For aluminum processing.

Pipe presses

Press for high pressure pipes up to 1’’ ½

Heater for lexan

Heater for lexan up to 2 mt


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